The Nicky MacKain Foundation is a foundation that is close to my heart because having known Nicky he had this contagious positivity around him that spread unto others. That plus his love for life, passion for soccer, and eagerness to help those around him could be seen by those around him. 


Shortly after his passing, his parents developed a foundation to assist youth in the neighborhood to have the means to participate in after school activities. Now that the foundation has expanded, there was a need for a place to house all the information and fund raising events.


I was asked to create a website and within that have ability to register for the Annual Golf Tournament. 



The Ask

The founder wanted to have a place for people to go to for information and make the event sign up for the annual golf tournament more accessible

The Solution

After researching different options for solutions, the end result was to create a website that could be updated easily after the initial launch of the site, host event sign ups, and accept donations.

The Impact

The foundation had been around for 4 years before the site went live just months before the 5th Annual Golf Tournament. Because of the launch of the website and social media platforms, the participant and donor slots were filled to maximum capacity. Looking at the numbers, the event grew by 110% in comparison to 2 years ago and 63% from 1 year ago. 

I'd love to hear from you.

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